Meeting Kermit

I love my new home. I love our neighbors. I love the house. I love this view.

But I especially love that this weekend, I met Kermit. Like, the real Kermit. The frog.

Happy Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “Meeting Kermit

  1. Sarah, I have been going through the amazing pictures u and Kevin took at Lindsay and John’s wedding. My problem is…. How do I just choose JUST 8 – 15 pictures for the WV Weddings magazine article. If you still have the requirement papers I gave you you know what they are looking for. Could you possibly forward me some of your top picks…..if you have the time. Also please let me know how to list you and Kevin as the photographers formally. We are approaching the deadline and I need to get on the writing of “John and Lindsay’s Perfect Day” article. Again my big problem is choosing the “perfect” pictures so I can talk about them in the story.

    I really appreciate any help you can send my way! You and Kevin make a great team! Thanks for capturing the memories for us!!!

    Donna Shay

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