Jobs, Christmas, and a Gift. Just for you.

Good morning, Friends! I have some interesting news (well, interesting to me, and no. I’m still not pregnant.) First, I know this is a really long post today, but please read to the bottom. There’s a little Christmas gift for anyone who makes it to the end!

And now, the news: I got a job! Like, a full-time, work for someone else, learn some new skills, graphic design job!

“Why would you do that? You already had a full-time, work for no one else, learn some new skills, photography job,” you say. Well, that’s a valid point. Here’s the story: When I moved to Lexington, Virginia, a little more than two years ago, I started Brown Photography, but it took about a year to build up to the point where it could sustain Tyler, Murphy, and me through law school. A lot of that build-up was thanks to my now business partner Kevin Remington (yes, he’s still my business partner, but more on that later).

The last year, things were fantastic and getting more consistent business-wise! And then I moved across the state. Suddenly I’m in this bigger region known as Hampton Roads, and I’m feeling at a loss. Not sure where to start. Not sure that I want to start. All. Over. Again. I still loved design, and I had just completed that awesome web design internship at Escape Creative in Richmond. So I started looking around at all the different opportunities in photography, print, and web (my new-found skill). All the while, my prayer is simple: Lord guide me to a place where I love the people, can continue to learn and grow from others (because, while I love being a photographer, I desperately missed seeing other people every day. Working alone at home is not for everyone, My Friends!), and where I can consistently keep moving. Preferably forward.

Well, wouldn’t you know, the Lord provided that job. As a marketing designer at

You aren’t going to find any posts about my work, the company, or even the people at Employment Guide. Unless they hire me as a photographer and let me post the pictures online. Otherwise, this is it. The announcement.

In fact, that’s one reason why I’m announcing this news: to let you all know that I probably won’t be posting much at all anymore. I hate to say that Fresh Food Thursdays will be few and far between, at least until I get into a groove.

I’m still keeping Brown Photography and would love to book families, businesses, babies, and maternity shoots, so if you hire me and grant me permission to use the photos on my blog, you’ll still get your photographer and your post! But the consistent Tuesday/ Thursday posting won’t be as … well, consistent.

All that being said, Kevin and I are still moving forward — like, full-steam ahead, forward — with Lifestyle Photography!! We are working together, booking and photographing weddings all across Virginia. And you, our beautiful brides, still get 100% of our attention!

And since I’m still a photographer, and this is a photography blog, you all should see a photo in this post. So here it is! A little gem that I found as I’ve been searching through my archives for images to print for my home. If you’re also on the hunt for that special photo to dress up your home or give away as a Christmas gift, please visit my store! I have a ton of images for sale and am continually adding more to the selection!

And, in honor of Christmas, my new job, and you actually reading this whole post, I’m offering a 20% discount on all store items from now until December 21! Simply type in the code holiday2012 when you’re checking out. My gift to you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


3 thoughts on “Jobs, Christmas, and a Gift. Just for you.

  1. Glad I’m not the only one who has to preface all big announcements with the pregnancy clause ;) So excited to hear about your new job! Yay for new adventures :)

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