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There are a few things you should really know about me. The first is that I love my husband; he’s my soul mate in every way, and he fully supports this crazy idea of mine to own a photography business … as long as I don’t photograph him. He’s camera shy. For this reason, and this reason alone, you won’t find many photos of him on my site or my blog (don’t tell him, but I did sneak one or two shots in when he wasn’t looking. He’s just so handsome!) Along those same lines, I’m obsessed with my dog, Murphy. He’s a GIANT weimaraner, and I desperately want to paint him red and call him Clifford. Tyler won’t let me. You will find a ton of Murphy pics on my blog.

I love photography. But I especially love it when there are people in the photo. I try my hand at fine art — bridges and trees and whatnot — and some of the shots are successful, but the emotion of a person, the beauty that shines through for the camera, that is what makes a scene beautiful, in my opinion. That being said, my background in graphic design helps me enjoy and appreciate the art of product and commercial photography. Regardless of the type of photography, though … I simply love it!

A few other things I love: coffee, dresses, running, Back to the Future, cooking, live music, eating with chopsticks, Modern Family, Pinterest, working out, baking, snow, coffee, thick-rimmed glasses, chocolate, shoes, Audrey Hepburn, coffee, grapefruit, leggings, the smell of flour (not flowers, but flour. The kind you bake with), coffee, wearing eye shadow, Zooey Deschanel, jazz music, shoes, bright red lipstick … have I mentioned coffee? There are a million other things I enjoy, but I’ll stop there. You get the idea.

So, now you know a little about me. I want to know you! Contact me, let’s sit down for a cup of coffee and figure out how I can take your picture. After all, you’re what’ll make an image beautful, right? Right.

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