Creepy Crawlies in October

I love living in places where my backyard has a thriving ecosystem. There are so many interesting critters to photograph! You’ve met my amphibious neighbor already. Well, last week I was greeted at the entrance to my back deck by this bad boy. I have to watch where I’m going around my yard, especially at dusk. There are a lot of giant garden spiders living here; it’s a good thing they’re harmless.

CAUTION: You’re about to view a GIANT image of a GIANT HAIRY SPIDER. I was feeling bold during this shoot to get so close and poke and prod this guy until I finally got the photos I wanted … mostly because I wanted to play around with my new secondary flash. I even struggle looking at these images, though. Despite how much I photograph them, I really don’t like spiders. I’m intrigued, maybe … I appreciate the work they do to eat all the other bugs, sure … but I don’t like them.

Happy first week of October!


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