My Love Affair With Photography | Hampton Roads Professional Portrait Series

I miss taking photos. Like, a lot. A lot. I don’t pick up my camera as much as I did when I shot full-time, (DUH!) but that’s fine. After all, I signed up for it.

But my heart is there.

With my camera.

Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating on my design work with photography. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my job. Seriously. It’s been the biggest blessing to be working where I am. It’s just … it amazes me how, after not picking up my Nikon for weeks, I go to a shoot and get so excited to be holding my camera, organizing the lighting, models, products, etc., that I literally shake with excitement. Seriously. That happens. I just love our relationship, my camera’s and mine.

We just … click.

(yeah, that just happened)

It’s a good thing that my new, full-time job (read the story here) allows me to incorporate my picture-taking skillz into our design work. If I didn’t have that outlet, I think I might go a little crazy.

And I received permission from my beautiful models to post their images here. Helene and Keri, THANK YOU for allowing me to photograph you for our campaign—the images turned out perfectly, and I, personally, love working with you both! You’re amazing!







And, as a bonus (or maybe not), the girls also took my photo during our shoot. It is, certainly, a valuable experience for every photographer to have their photo taken to know how the models feel. That being said, I’m content behind the lens.



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