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Senior year is such a special time in life. The future is bright, and the potential for life to take you anywhere is the most enticing thing in the world. I want to help celebrate who you are, at this very moment in time, with a special Senior Pics session. Feel like a movie star for a day, and let me be your paparazzi!

Senior Pics Session
This 1-2 hour session is meant to broadcast to the world what makes you, YOU! And it includes up to three clothing changes and two shoot locations.

Artistically Edited Photos
I am a designer, artist, and photographer, and I view each photo I shoot as a work of art. Nothing will leave my hand without being corrected and retouched. I want you to be able to show off how awesome you look to that cutie who sits next to you in chem lab.

Online Gallery
All photos will be able to be viewed and purchased by credit card online by you, your family, and friends. Just another way I like to help you share the wealth of your memories while keeping things simple.

Photographic DVD
With this package, you’ll receive the DVD of and the rights to your images for free.

Contact me for more information or to set up your photo shoot.

A La Carte
Want more time, locations, or clothing changes? Contact me to find out how simple adding those extras can be!

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