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Happy Tuesday! For those of you just tuning in, my name is Sarah Brown, which I’m thinking you’re astute enough to see on the banner above. I am a professional photographer with a background in graphic design. Print design to be exact. There aren’t many people looking to hire just print designers, though, so about 4 months ago I decided it was time to add “web design” to my resume.

Enter Escape Creative.

Escape Creative needed an intern for 12 weeks to design their corporate print materials, some websites for their clients, and they needed photos for their new website, which is coming soon. In exchange, they’d teach said intern about front-end coding, SEO, CSS, HTML, PHP … etc.

I got the gig. And more than 12 weeks later, I am blessed to have two new friends and professional mentors. Oh yeah, I also gained some good footing in the world of web design and worked for them through print and photography.

Below are just a few of the head shots taken in downtown Richmond, VA, for Escape Creative. Currently Escape consists of Dave Warfel and Joanna Weber. They’re amazing at what they do … two of the best, in my opinion … and as you’ll see from the photos, they’re also goofballs. I love that.

P.S. if you want to learn more about web design, coding, and a whole mess of other things that are still a tad over my head, be sure to check out their blog!

Does YOUR business need corporate headshots, interior photos, or product shots? View some of my work by clicking here, and contact me to learn morning and to book your session today!

A little taste of the Richmond attitude.

Lastly, here’s a good glimpse of Dave and Joanna’s personalities. If you can’t view the little videos, try a different web browser.


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