Kat + Scott | Lexington Wedding

Earlier this summer, I second shot a wedding with Kevin Remington. Kat & Scott’s wedding.

I don’t know how many weddings you’ve been to, but if you’ve been to as many as I have in the past two years, you know that there are some weddings that just grab your heart. Some couples who are so connected and so special that you know you won’t forget their wedding. Ever. This was one of those weddings.

The photo on the right is a surprise for Kat … these little pups were walking by, and it turns out that they’re her favorite dog! The owner graciously allowed Scott to walk them for a bit.

I spy Kevin photographing the gals!

Caught a very precious moment between father and daughter.

Let me clarify: the gun is not real! It’s a child’s toy, and we asked the kid if we could use it for a few photos. He politely agreed.

This might be my favorite family photo from a wedding EVER. You don’t even have to know these kids to see their personalities. LOVE IT!

The groom’s dad performed the ceremony. I just love that added personal touch it brings when family is so involved. Check out all the emotions Kat went through at the altar; you know it touched her heart as well. Side note: the groom’s dad is a pastor in Detroit and knows some good friends of mine up in Michigan!

You need to know: these two LOVE high fives! I’m pretty sure everyone at the wedding received a high five.


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