Rockbridge Dog Rescue | Faith, Bree, & Moses

You’ve met Moses before. He’s a bit fuller now, and he’s a sweet boy who needs a chance with a good family. If I could take him home with me, I totally would. Unfortunately, I can’t handle a second dog. I know that a loving, wonderful family out there is meant for him, though. Check him out, call Tracy at the Rockbridge Dog Rescue and look into adopting this dog and making your life better than it already is!

Then there’s Bree. Bree is Ikey’s sister, and she’s just so darling! She’s a bit spunky and has a big personality, but it sure is a good one. I think she may already be adopted or on the verge of being adopted, which is fantastic! Let’s rejoice with her in her new home!

Lastly, meet Faith. She’s a faithful companion if I ever saw one. Well mannered and sweet, she’d make a wonderful family dog, although there’s a rumor that she doesn’t care too much for cats. Snuggles, yes. Cats, no. If you’re interested in learning more about her or welcoming her into your home, click here. She’d love to be a part of your family!

To learn more about the Rockbridge Dog Rescue or get involved, check out their website! They’re wonderful to work with, and I’ll miss them all dearly. They definitely have a cause worth fighting for, so get involved and help out where you can!


One thought on “Rockbridge Dog Rescue | Faith, Bree, & Moses

  1. Thanks, Sarah! Moses and Bree have been adopted! Faith is still waiting on her forever family. If anyone is looking for a sweet, gentle, laid back girl, check out Faith! She’s great with other dogs, great with kids, and is even getting better about chasing cats!

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