To Mom and Dad: Happy Father’s & Mother’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! And a very happy, very belated Mother’s Day, as well!

I just wanted to do a little post for both of my parents since, well, I kind of owe them my life and they’re pretty stinkin’ awesome.

First and foremost, they love the Lord wholly. They talk about Him constantly with me, my siblings, and anyone else who will listen. He changed their lives 100%, and because of that, He changed our family for the better. It’s through their faith and faithfulness that us kids have been blessed, and we owe them everything for it.

Second, they’ve encouraged our passions in every area of life: when I wanted to learn to ride horses, they were at the stables with me.
Cleaning stalls.
And being an active part of what interested me.

When I decided to play soccer, guess who was always on the sidelines cheering on their mediocre daughter like she was a rock star? Mom and Dad. When art and photography became my passion, Mom taught me what she knows of painting (she’s really creative) while Dad showed me the rules of composition and how to shoot manually on his Nikon FM2 and Nikon FG (he used to shoot weddings, too, back in the day)

Yet, all of this love, devotion, and hope in my talents wouldn’t be complete without their ever-present, reasonable, pragmatic (Mom is a biologist, and Dad is a chemist) side that directed me. When I wanted to be become an artist, it was their guidance that saved be from being a starving artist to channeling my passion and talent into graphic design … which turned into full-time photographer … which is, kind of, a starving artist, but let’s not focus on that today …

All in all, I simply wouldn’t be who I am today without them. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for everything. You’re the best, and I love you!


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