It’s that moments when …

Kevin and I shot a wedding this past Saturday. Sara + Michael’s wedding. It was beautiful, and everything ran silky smooth.

Forgive me, I don’t have pics of their wedding to show you yet. That will come later.

Aside form it going so smoothly, it was just FUN photographing their day. The wedding party, guests, and family were just fantastic! By the end of the night, I was feeling that same feeling when you’ve just completed a race. You’re entirely worn out and exhausted, yet so proud of what you’ve witnessed and accomplished that you can’t help but smile.
And cry.
And feel strangely energized through your fatigue.
The runner’s high.

What made it even more special was the sweet appreciation of the family for us simply doing our job. I think I can safely speak for Kevin and me both when I say that we just love being photographers.

That day made me super sentimental at the thought of moving away from Lexington.

It’s that moment when you realize you’re leaving something really great and everything that comes thereafter — while it may be wonderful, still — just won’t compare to what you’re experiencing in the present. I know it’s too soon for me to get any more sentimental than I already have, so I’ll save my official thank yous and goodbyes for a later date, but know that I really am having a hard time leaving this place. I blame all the people I’ve come to know here in town.

And here are some of the beautiful centerpiece flowers that I was able to bring home after the wedding. Aren’t the colors just perfect?


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