Kiddo Portraits | Ava Macy

Happy Tuesday! I hope your weekends were all as good as mine! Lately, my weekends have been super fun and somewhat random. Two weeks ago, after shooting a beautiful wedding with Kevin Remington as Lifestyle Photography, my hubby and I drove up to Ohio to visit my family for Memorial Day Weekend. We had a blast hiking through some woods, attempting to geocache (yes, attempting … I haven’t found any treasures yet, but I’ll keep trying!), grilling out, playing the game of Life, and just chilling as a family.

Part of what made the time so special was hanging out with three of our awesome nephews — one of whom is driving! Ahhh! He’s a really good driver, though, and all three are super awesome and fun to hang with, BUT we also got to see one of our new nieces: Ava. She’s super sweet, easy-going, and just pleasant to be around. Honestly. If it was guaranteed that every child would be as chill as she is, we’d probably have dozens of kids.
Maybe not dozens.
But you get the idea.

And, I just had to throw in a shot of me with this sweet little girl. I love her.

Anyone interested in Family Photos, please contact me! I have FOUR more weekends available for booking before I move to Hampton Roads, so keep me busy and book up those weekends. Or if you’re in Hampton Roads, I am now booking Family Sessions and Weddings in that area. Fill out my form to inquire about anything. I’d love to hear from you!


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