Roped into Adventures at VMI

A few weeks ago I received a call from Kevin Remington. “Are you free next week? I have a shoot for you at VMI.”
I was free, willing, and ready for a shoot.
“4:30 on Thursday. High ropes course. I’ll get you the details later.”
This is a fairly common conversation we have, so I didn’t think too much of it. The next Wednesday, Kevin called to confirm everything. “Arrive at 4:15 now. They need to harness you in.”

HARNESS ME IN?!?!? What is happening??

“You’ll be about 35 feet in the air, shooting down at the faculty as they go through the course.”
Oi. I had to think about this one before committing to it. But I can stand high up and shoot down, right? Right.
So, Thursday came, I arrived on time, and was harnessed in by 4:30. When I asked where the ladder was to get to the high platform, the man in charge just stared at me. Apparently, I had to go up what I call a “rope web” just like everyone else. The first test of what I’m made of. Climbing the web to the platform, with a giant camera at my hip. I made it to the top — slow and steady — but I made it.

Here’s a shot of someone going up the web, so you can see what I mean.

Once I made it to the platform, I grabbed a few photos of the faculty members, on the lower part of the course, going through the challenges.

Unfortunately, those on the upper part of the courese (where I was standing) were walking away from me. Getting shots of the back of the head is … well, not what I had in mind. I asked how to get down and go up the other side. As it turns out, you can’t. To get to the other platform, you have to … wait for it … wait for it … go through the course and zip-line down from the other end! AH!

After another 15 minutes of shooting, I finally got up enough nerve to walk the course. They let me “cheat” and use all the easy routes, but I was still facing my small fear of heights head on!

After completing that course and assignment, I think I’m ready for another little adventure. Anyone have any ideas or adventures of your own to share? Feel free to post it below!


One thought on “Roped into Adventures at VMI

  1. May I use one of your photos to promote a silent auction item we will be offering at Project Horizon’s fundraiser next month? Lt. Col. William Bithers is offering a high ropes course outing at VMI for 5 people and your photographs are a wonderful way to promote it on Facebook. You will get free advertising too! :) Let me know:

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