Lindsay + John | Lewisburg Engagement | Lifestyle Photography

Meet Lindsay & John. They’re an absolutely wonderful, charming couple who booked Kevin Remington and me as Lifestyle Photography. Still no website to speak of, but when it goes up you’ll all be the first to know. Until then, I’ll be sure to let you all know when it’s Lifestyle Photos I’m posting.

Hint: This is Lifestyle Photography.

Now, back to Lindsay & John. John is a pharmacist, and Lindsay will be SOON, which is how they met. She has the most contagious laugh ever and a beautiful smile to go along with it. But, honestly, she has more than just a beautiful smile; she’s just gorgeous on the inside and out! Just look at her! And to give you an idea of how giving and sweet this couple is, they planned a picnic as part of their shoot, but they packed me a sandwich!! Who does that?!? They have a super sweet engagement story, complete with an engagement meal. John planned to propose during a picnic, which Lindz was making a meal for. She opted for a dish called “Engagement Chicken” in the hopes of speeding things up a bit. Little did she know how quickly it would work!

Enjoy their photos, and reply to this post to let others know what tips you may have used to help switch your Facebook status from “dating” to “engaged.” Happy posting!

Their favorite Led Zeppelin song is Tangerine. Hey, when it’s right, it’s right!


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