Thomas + Kaitlin | Xenia Wedding

You’ve met Thomas and Kaitlin before—at their engagement session. They’re so beautiful. They’re so in love with each other. And, best of all, they absolutely love Jesus Christ above anyone else. It was a joy for me to watch these two tie the knot and hear their friends and family constantly comment on their commitment to purity as an outpouring of their love for the Lord. I rarely tear up at weddings, but I did a few times last Saturday. It was just so precious. So special. And so … PURE.

As for the day of the wedding … EVERYTHING WENT PERFECTLY!! This was the first wedding I’ve been a part of where absolutely nothing went wrong. Seriously. It’s just expected that something will go wrong, and that’s OKAY. I give my brides and grooms the same speech over and over again, “Something will go wrong. It always does, but you’re marrying the love of your life, so as long as you have the minister, the marriage certificate, and the fiance, nothing else matters. It’s going to be perfect!” But Thomas and Kaitlin were the exception because their day ran super smooth. No one was stressed; no one forgot anything; and everyone was just happy to see Thomas and Kaitlin get married.


Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your Big Day. Honestly. It was a blessing to me and everyone else in attendance.

OH! And a special shout to out the wedding party … you all were A-MAZ-ING! I cannot stress enough how helpful you were to Thomas, Kaitlin, and even me. You were on the ball, putting the bride’s and groom’s needs ahead of your own, asking how you could help, thinking ahead throughout the day, and HAVING FUN WHILE DOING IT! You set the tone for the day, and I appreciated it so stinkin’ much. “Thank you” seems inadequate, but it’s all I can offer. So thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

And, without further ado: Thomas + Kaitlin!

I couldn’t decide which I liked better: the brilliant colors or the detail and mood pulled out in the black and white image. So, here are both!


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