My Favorite Photos

Good morning! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but as you may remember, my hubby and I were on vacation last week. We took a surprise trip to West Palm Beach, Florida … “surprise” as in we had no idea we were going anywhere until roughly five days prior to our departure. Surprise!

While there, we did a lot of lounging and even more reading. I read the first of The Hunger Games trilogy, and

I’m forcing myself to wait until next weekend to head to the library and get the next two books. Why NEXT weekend (which, by the way, seems SO FAR AWAY!!)? Because this weekend, I’m photographing a wedding in Ohio. That’s right! I’m heading up North for a St. Patrick’s Day ceremony! It’s gonna be gorgeous, and I’m super pumped to see Kaitlin and Thomas again!

Anyway, that’s not the purpose of my blog. The purpose today is to post photos from last week’s Florida trip. Three of which are my favorites. Which ones do you like?? Share them with your friends!


One thought on “My Favorite Photos

  1. Loooove The Hunger Games trilogy! I own all three, so if the library is out of stock feel free to borrow mine. You’ll want two and three together. Trust me on that.

    I like the third photo down, left hand side. Great texture! I also think the photo of the ocean through the window is beautiful. Have fun in Ohio!

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