Layers of White

I hadn’t seen snow all season. Not up North during Thanksgiving or Christmas. Not down here in Virginia.
Not until yesterday.
My hubby had off work for President’s Day. Since I’m self-employed and had things to do, I didn’t think it wise to take the day off with him. Then it snowed. Sadly, since the snow doesn’t affect my commute from the bedroom to the family room, I couldn’t justify a snow day. Then, the most amazing act of God happened.
The power went out.
And not throughout town, just three houses on my street. Clearly the Lord thought I needed a day of rest with my hubby! He and I bundled up, sat on the floor, and played the game Eurorails.
It was simply perfect. Although, I did take a few minutes to get some shots of the beautiful blanket of snow around my house. And I was called into VMI in the morning to photograph the students walking to and fro in the snow – which was actually super fun (pics to come later this week).

Until then, check out the beautiful layers of white snow all around my home. It couldn’t have been prettier, and I just loved how it stuck to the branches. Though I’m pretty sure the tulips that had started to grow in my front yard are now back to square one …


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