Self Portraits, Staying Busy, & #TipsFromClients

Good morning! I’ve been mulling over a bunch of aspects of my business lately: my website, social media outlets, customer service, product quality, etc. Through this process I’ve realized a few things that I’d like to share with you all.

1. I don’t have any professional portraits of myself. Ironic, I know. But in the same way that I want to know my clients and who I’m working with, I’m sure you want to know your photographer! I’ll be honest. The first thing I do when a brand new client, whom I’ve never met, emails me for work is Facebook them. I want to see that they’re legitimately who they say they are, and I want to know what they look like so I feel more connected to them. I’d think it’d be the same for you!

2. I’ve been lacking communication with my potential clients regarding something. And I know this because there’s a comment I keep hearing from people after they’ve booked me. The comment is this:
“I was hesitant to email you because, based on your blog, I know you’re busy.”
While it’s very sweet of people to think of me and not want to bog me down, what you probably don’t realize is that Sarah Brown Photography is my one and only paying job. While I’d love to be a dog walker on the side, I don’t. Why? Because this is what I was created to do, and I love to be busy at it! I absolutely love what I do and, frankly, if I’m not busy at it, I can’t buy groceries for my family. So, please, keep me busy at my job! It’s possible that many of you just got engaged: Congrats! Shoot me and email and let’s talk. I also LOVE photographing families. If it’s been way too long since your last family shoot, I’d love to break that streak and photograph your family!

3. Lastly, I want to hear more from YOU, my past and future clients, friends, and readers. What is it that you’d like to see from your photographer (family, wedding, or business photographer)? I’ve toyed around with creating a page on my website with local and online bridal resources. Would you like that? Or is there enough “bridal help” out there that it would become white noise? Are there things I can do that would make your overall experience better? Are there things you’ve seen in the past that I need to avoid at all costs? Talk to me. Let me know what you’re thinking. Post below, email me, or feel free to Tweet your thoughts! #TipsFromClients

So, those are all my points. I want to be accessible to you. Please, contact me with any thoughts, questions, or to book a session.

OH! And to help make up for my lack of photos, I’m going to set up a session with a professional photographer. Until then, here is a self portrait … also from a professional photographer. But self portraits are not easy, no matter who you are!


2 thoughts on “Self Portraits, Staying Busy, & #TipsFromClients

  1. Love your photo. You are an AMAZING photographer who God has gifted in an incredible way. There really is something special about your work. I think it has to do with the way that you catch the emotion of an event. When I look at the shots from our weddings, I can feel the “magic” of the day all over again. How great is that! Thanks again for traveling all those miles and putting in all those hours and sharing your gift with us.

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