Be Mine | Valentines Day Packages

January and February can be depressing months. There’s the lull after the holidays. The yucky weather. And the whole “waiting for spring.” It’s kind of boring!

So I’ve thought up a way to bring some color and life back into these cold, dreary months. Are you ready for this?

Valentine’s Day cards. Yep. You heard me. Just like when we were kids. Only, these cards are for grown ups, and they can be any theme you choose.

The classic “Be Mine” theme.
An engagement announcement.
A baby announcement.
A family photo.
Or maybe you and your man haven’t had photos taken in a while, and you want to show off how in love you still are with each other.

Whatever your theme, you’ll get to choose from 4 packages (The Cupid, Love at First Sight, Be Mine, or the Happily Ever After package). I’ll take the photos, design the cards, and print them on a pretty sweet looking 4×8″ card I’ve found (envelopes included).

Contact me for details, pricing info, and to see a sample of said “sweet” card. What are you waiting for? Do something fun this month!


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