Happy New Year + 10 days.

Happy New Year!!

So, I’m going to jump right in and be real with you all for a moment.

On January 1, I got back from a WONDERFUL Christmas with my in-laws in Michigan. And when I got home, I think I zoned out for a week. Tyler still had the first week of January off, and since I work from home it was tough to motivate myself to do much of anything. Looking back, I don’t even think I got out of my sweat pants until yesterday.
The 8th.
January 8.
Eight days after we got home.
Don’t get me wrong. I did stuff. I grocery shopped, cooked, cleaned, worked out, went on a few walks, edited 3 sets of family photos, and vegged in front of the TV. All in my sweat pants (yes, I do have multiple pairs. And I did a bunch of laundry.) But there was one thing I could NOT motivate myself to do. BLOG.

So, while I eased into worked last week, I feel like I’m finally hitting it hard this week. Thanks to this blog. But I’m still not ready to leave the goodness of Christmas behind, so the first photo of the year is the last Christmas card I photographed and designed last year. My in-laws. Jim and Becky with my sweet nephews and niece (you’ll see more of them in the next few blogs …)

And, rest assured that more posts will come this week. I am, after all, officially back to work!


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