Thomas + Kaitlin | Xenia Engagement

Meet Thomas and Kaitlin. They’re getting married in March, and I’m thrilled to photograph their wedding!

Our time together was fantastic!
And this shoot was a perfect example of why doing an engagement session with your wedding photographer is so important. It didn’t take much time to warm up to each other … I knew Kaitlin from our alma mater, which meant we knew we already worked well together. Why this was so beneficial, was because I didn’t know how she and Thomas interact and work together.

I’m so thankful we had this time!

I learned that they’re fun and theatrical! They loved creating story-lines to their photos and had a million wonderful ideas, most of which centered around that old, vintage Hollywood style. They even brought props for some dramatic poses: Tim Horton’s cups (since that’s the only nearby place open 24/7, they tend to work and chill there together), an umbrella for some train shots, and a few other little details.

I now know their style, can push those dramatic looks of theirs to the limits, and I know I need to come up with a few story lines of my own to get the most out of their wedding day experience.

Kaitlin and Thomas, I love your love. I love how passionate you are about each other and how wonderfully it translates, not just to the camera, but to everyone who knows you. I love your purity in how you interact and in how you relate with one another. Thank you for asking me to be your photographer.


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