Shaner Family | Lexington Photo Shoot

The Shaners are a great family. From what I’ve gathered, they’ve been through a lot in the past year.
But they’re strong.
And that showed during our shoot together.

I actually had two photo shoots with the same family: The first hour was spent with the WHOLE family. Kids, grandparent, and grandkids. They laughed when I cracked a joke (thanks for humoring me, Family :-), helped come up with fun poses, picked on each other, and were just an all around joy to photograph. Thank you, Grandmother, Granddaddy, Cathy, Craig, Joe, Catherine, Laura, Mitchell, Jackson, Peter, Gabe, Stephanie, Mark, and Elizabeth. You all are simply wonderful!

The second hour was spent with Mitchell, Laura, Jackson, Peter, Gabe, and Laura’s dad. We had a great time shooting at sunset in the field, and I’ve had a blast working with Laura since then. You’re a wonderful family, and I truly appreciate our time together. Thank you.


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