Pummell Family | Ohio Photo Shoot

One word comes to mind when I think of the Pummell family: Quality.
And Gorgeous.
Okay, two words come to mind.

I went to college with Amanda and Alex. Amanda and I lived in the same hall for 2 years (she was my RA … Well, she was pretty much the best RA ever!) I watched Amanda and Alex meet, fall in love, go through some trials together, get engaged, get married, and now they have their two gorgeous babies. I know life isn’t always easy for any family, but to watch people go through whatever life brings their way united and in love speaks volumes as to who they are: their character and their reputation. I’m proud to call Amanda and Alex friends, and Heidi and Gabe simply have the best mom and dad they could ever ask for.

Speaking of Heidi and Gabe, have you seen them yet?!?! They’re such great kids, and so stinkin’ CUTE! I loved my time with this family; reminiscing and enjoy each others’ company, with some welcome additions onto the scene. Thank you, Pummell Family, for asking me to be your photographer, yet again. You know how much I love working with you!

OH! And a HUGE shout out to the folks at Peifer Orchards in Yellow Springs, Ohio! They came to the rescue when our original location was rained out due to torrential, morning downpours! Thank you for letting us take over your store for an hour; this shoot could not have happened without you!


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