Caldwell Family | Lexington Photo Shoot

Meet the Caldwell family. Seth, Marnie, Kelsie, and Josie.

I first met Marnie when I took a bunch of photos for the Rockbridge Farmer’s Co-op this summer. She and I hit it off immediately, so when she called me, asking if I’d take her family photos, I couldn’t wait!

She dabbles in photography herself, and had some brilliant ideas for this shoot, which you can see below. I’ll just say that I loved every idea they had, especially the one where she and Seth let their two fashionista daughters dress up however they wanted for some fun pics of just the sisters. The girls and I had a ball, and we warmed up to each other perfectly. Plus, their outfits were super cute! And throughout the shoot, everyone just kept getting more and more relaxed … loving on each other and forgetting I was around (I love when that happens).

You’re a wonderful family, and I enjoyed every moment of our time together! Thank you for allowing me to photograph your family!


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