Baczek Family | Ohio Photo Shoot

Have you ever seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? Well, welcome to my family — just subtract the Greek factor, and add in some Portuguese and Polishness. Oh, and half of us can’t hear. YIKES!

We’re a colorful, loud, type-A family, … my Dad simply says we’re “passionate,” which is probably true given how much we just love each other. Being together is always an adventure. We just can’t seem to be together enough, but that’s what happens as you grow up and move away. Right?

But Thanksgiving was one of the few times the whole Baczek clan (pronounced, “basic”) was together. And since my brother, Dave, and his wife, Aly, just had another baby, they requested some new family pics. I’ve been dying to photograph little baby Ava, and Andrew is always such a ham in front of the camera (just like his dad), that I knew this would be fun!

We didn’t have much time in between Ava’s naps, but we managed to squeeze the shoot in on Black Friday at Wittenberg University, and I think we did a mighty fine job given the time constraints! Thanks Dave, Aly, Andrew, and Ava, for working with me and letting me photograph your family! Love you!

If your family is planning on being together in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area during the Christmas season (December 21–28), contact me, and let’s photograph your family together!


2 thoughts on “Baczek Family | Ohio Photo Shoot

  1. Wish they were all going to be in GR…maybe you should come out to AZ with us! Someday I want you to shoot pics at our tree farm. Hopefully next year during Thanksgiving! :)

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