McCoy Family | Lexington Photo Shoot

Meet John, Leigh Ann, and Andrew.

I first met this family the day of the shoot, and when I returned home at the end of our session, my husband asked me how it went.
My response?
“I want to be their best friends.”

They’re simply a wonderful, close-knit, down-to-earth family. Leigh Ann is a fantastic artist and a woman after my own heart. I already went to one of her shows and purchased a perfect little customized “something” for one of my newborn nieces (I don’t want to spill all the beans since her mom might be reading this post, but it really is darling!)

And she and John mesh really well together. He’s a man’s man. With a man’s beard. Super personable and really sweet with Leigh Ann. You can tell he simply adores her.

And Andrew? Oh my. C-U-T-E! He’s a fun-loving kid who, despite not enjoying having his picture taken, was a trooper throughout our session. He smiled when I asked him to, and ran off to play whenever he could. And at the end, he might have been converted into liking the camera a bit more!

Thanks, McCoy Family, for allowing me to be your photographer. I know I say this in virtually all my posts, but it’s because it’s true and I love every one of my clients:
I loved every moment of our time together. Photographing you really was my honor!

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