Lexington Family Photos

Meet Truett, Rebecca, and Charlotte (aka, Charlie. Isn’t that the CUTEST?!?)

I first met this wonderful family through the law school here, and I’ll never forget it. Rebecca and I hit it off immediately – I felt as if we’d known each other forever. She and Truett are one of those people-person couples (WOW. Did that even make sense??). They have a way of making everyone feel like they’re part of their family. And when you’re talking with them, it’s as if you’re the most important person in the world. Don’t you just love people like that?

And Charlie! Oh my. This little darling is all smiles! At the time we’d met, I had my camera with me, and anytime I lifted it up to my face, she’d just start smiling, laughing, and hamming it up for me. The day of the photo shoot was no exception. I’d just look at her or call her name, and she’d put all her focus on me and giggle. What other one-year-old does that?!?

They’re a gorgeous family with even more beautiful hearts, and it all showed up on camera, which is why I’m so thrilled that they opted for my Holiday Special! Those Christmas cards can’t be anything but gorgeous with this family on the front! And with that, enjoy the photos!


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