Changing Seasons

So, this post is coming a bit late, but what they hay. Better late than never, right?

When Tyler and I first moved to Lexington, our first out-of-town guest was our dear friend Caitlin.
Yes. This was one year ago.

While Caitlin was here, she noticed that we lived a block away from Davidson Street. “Davidson” is her best friend’s new last name. Caitlin asked me if, throughout the course of the year, I would photograph the street sign in each season and send her the final photos to print and frame for her BF’s wedding anniversary. Or maybe it was her birthday. Christmas? We’ll stick with wedding anniversary. Regardless, I gladly said yes! I love projects like this …

The final photo was completed at the beginning of this summer, and Caitlin has already given all four images as a gift (I promise that I’m not jumping the gun and ruining any surprise here).

So, here are the photos. If anyone ever wants something out-of-the-ordinary like this for yourself or as a gift (AHEM! Christmas, maybe?), give me a holler! I’d love to work with you on it!


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