Great Deals, Fun Shoots, and Planning Ahead

Christmas is right around the corner, and before the holidays hit (and they’re about to hit hard!) it’s time to get those cards ready to pop in the mail! To help with that, I’ve created the 2011 Holiday Special where I’ll design and print your Christmas cards for you.
You heard me.
I just said that.

I literally just finished and sent to print Liz + Henrik’s Christmas cards. I’m pretty stoked about them!

We set up an initial meeting to talk through exactly what they wanted out of the shoot: a vintage 60s or 70s set-up, fun costumes, and simple type treatments. Liz sent me a few examples of other holiday cards they liked, then they went shopping to nail down exactly what they wanted in the shot … funky clothes, Christmas tree lights, a pipe, and the glasses just put everything over the top! When I arrived for the shoot, they were ready. And so was I. I came prepared for an indoor shoot (which is very different from an outdoor shoot), since we narrowed the location down in our initial meeting, and everything went off without a hitch. Gotta love preparation!

Below you can see the original photo and final design we went with, and based on our discussions, I knew how I wanted to treat the image, type, and … everything to get the effect they were going for. Preparation makes life and business so much more fun and simple!

To take part in the best deal in town, contact me to learn more and book your Holiday Shoot between now and November 30, 2011!


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