October Fall, Zombies, and Pumpkins

We’re thick into Fall, October Fall. Which is, in fact, different from November Fall.
Trust me.
I’m an expert on Fall.

And October Fall means a whole slew of things.

Zombies, for one. My good friend Jess is obsessed with them, and I have to say … I’m beginning to be, too. (Thank you, The Walking Dead, for re-appearing last night on AMC. We missed you.)

Kevin Remington and I are also photographing Boxerwood’s Zombie Ball this Saturday night at Evan’s Hall here in Lexington. If you aren’t planning on going, you should; it’s going to be fantastic! I’m not sure what costume I’m wearing just yet, but I’m hoping for something Tim Burton-esque. Black and white. Stripes. DONE.

October Fall also means that’s it’s time to carve all the pumpkins! I’m a sucker for pumpkin carving. I do it every year, with the exception of one, and I love it! Below was this year’s pumpkin, generously donated by Bosch’s Nursery in Michigan. Go there to pick your pumpkins and your Christmas trees! Thanks, Bosch’s, we love and miss you!

So, back to the pumpkin. It’s my Murphy-dog. I designed it a few weeks ago, carved it on Monday, and Tyler and I left for Washington D.C. on Tuesday. While we were gone, Murphy developed a palette for pumpkin, and he ate his face. Weirdo. At least I documented it before it was too late.

So, have a wonderful week. Remember to buy your tickets for the Boxerwood’s Zombie Ball this Saturday night, and HAPPY MONDAY!


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