Rockbridge Dog Rescue: Three Dogs Who Need Their Forever Home

Shooting for the Rockbridge Dog Rescue has been nothing but a blessing for me. Tracy Treen is a fantastic person with a big, big heart. She and her crew find and save some fabulously sweet dogs, and those dogs need their forever homes. Is yours one of them? Help spread the word about these sweet pups until they’ve all been adopted!

Meet Ikey.
I had heard about Ikey through our small-town grapevine, but meeting him wasn’t what I expected. Ikey was a malnourished, sickly little guy who (I’d heard) desperately needed an expensive surgery to correct his megaesophagus. With the banding together of the Rockbridge Dog Rescue and the people of Rockbridge County, Ikey was able to have his surgery … successfully! When I met him, he was a normal, well-fed, playful puppy. I had no idea this was the same Ikey I had heard about. He’s just perfect now!! Click here to learn more about his story.

Meet Holley.
She is a SWEETHEART!! She’s still a pup at one-year old, and that’s a good thing! Plenty of room to train, learn, and grow into a well behaved, playful companion. When her soft little ears perked up for me at the click of the camera, sigh … my heart melted. She’s a beauty, and any family would be lucky to have her as their pet. Click here to read more about Holley.

Last, but certainly not least, meet Reuben.
Oh my! He has a LOVER (not a hunter)!! He’s a born and bred hound, but his hunting days are over. Retirement is here at last, and he’s ready to shoot the breeze (or, at least, sniff the air) with a wonderful family by his side. I cannot tell you just how sweet this guy is. He snuggled right up to me and wanted nothing more than to roam through the lush, green grass. He’d make a wonderful family pet, so what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about Reuben!


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