Sarah+Mitch | Newell Wedding

Sarah and Mitch.
You’ve met them before, actually.
At their engagement session about 8-weeks ago in Des Moines. (If anyone ever questions if I’ll travel for photo shoots, the answer is YES!)

They’re absolutely perfect together. And they were giddy. I mean, really giddy on this big day of theirs. They simply couldn’t stop smiling. I tried to get a few shots without them smiling, and I gave up. A defeat I willingly accepted since their smiles are simply so perfect. And that look they got in their eyes when they saw each other … it makes my heart happy. It’s something I pray everyone sees and strives for in their own relationships: that special, lovely magic.

The day started out perfectly. Everyone was very relaxed and enjoyed the process of getting the day rolling.

Sarah and Mitch opted to see each other before the ceremony and get most of the photos done early in the day. Their First Look was perfect! Just them and me, exactly how they wanted it; and the day ran super-smooth since we had all the time in the world to shoot A TON of photos. I cannot stress enough how doing the First Look really keeps the day seamless and the party flowing! It’s amazing!

Is this a good looking group, OR WHAT?!?

Before the ceremony, Sarah and the women closest to her shared a meaningful time of prayer. There was not a dry eye in the room … in fact, looking through these photos for the first time was when I was able to see what I shot clearly.

“With this finger, I thee wed …” WHAT?

With all the main photos taken before the ceremony, the couple wanted to get a few “bonus” shots at the reception site before going in. I’d say it was well worth it!

The first dance started out traditional enough. Slow music, Sarah and Mitch gazing into each other’s eyes. Then things got …crazy! The lights started freaking out, the music started to change. They ended with their own version of the Evolution of Dance. Hilarious, and very … “them!”


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