Anna+Nate | Lexington Wedding

This is the first outdoor wedding I’ve second-shot with Kevin Remington, which is kind of surprising around this area considering the weather is pretty mild. But it was worth the wait, for sure!

The wedding was gorgeous. Laid back. And crazy fun! Just like Anna and Nate.

Anna’s mom told me that it feels like the two of them had simply been together forever. They grew up together, went to high school together, and now they’re married. A perfect fit. To see just how comfortable they are together, take note of the way Anna reminds Nate of their agreement not to shove the cake in her face. And lets him know that she’ll be finishing said piece of cake. Even in a string of still photos, you can still hear it happening. Too cute!

And I just thought I’d throw in a shot of Kevin getting a sweet pic of some details with the guys.

After the ceremony, Kevin usually gets a big group shot of everyone in attendance. It’s pretty sweet! Here, we’re gathering everyone while he heads to the balcony for the photo.

I snagged a glimpse of Kevin shooting the couple as the reception was starting. I was only able to get one quick shot in, while he directed them for the pic he was taking.

And, as couples usually want, Anna and Nate opted for Kevin’s photo booth. It’s always a fun part of the reception, but there was something extra fun about it being outside in the tent — especially when it started to rain!


One thought on “Anna+Nate | Lexington Wedding

  1. These are great pictures! Not being able to attend my brother’s wedding (currently deployed to Afghanistan) was a bit of a letdown, but these pics let me get a sense of what looks like a beautiful ceremony and great reception. Thanks for posting.

    -Aaron Schnetzler

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