Farming Fotos

Last week, I had the unique opportunity of photographing farm animals, equipment, and produce for the new Rockbridge Farmers Co-op website (coming soon). I had a fantastic time shooting God’s glorious creation for the morning, and rolling around in the dirt to get that perfect shot.

I seriously have the best job ever.

And a special shout-out goes to Marnie Caldwell for driving me all over Rockbridge County and for gaining the permission of all the farmers for this shoot. Thanks, Marnie! This website is going to be sa-weet!

Lima Beans.






Yes. Before I took the middle shot, I did ask the horse, “Why the long face?” What can I say? I simply couldn’t help myself.




Is it just me, or do beef cattle look really mean? All those angry bulls in Bugs Bunny cartoons now make perfect sense to me.

Beef Cattle.

Dairy Cows.


4 thoughts on “Farming Fotos

    • Ha. I guess the only one I really wanted to identity was the alfalfa, but then I just kept going … Oh well. Maybe there’s someone out there who will benefit from knowing, for sure, what a dairy cow looks like. :-)

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