Alyssa + Phil | Charter Oak Wedding

Meet Alyssa and Phil. Alyssa is my cousin. My beautiful, breathtaking cousin. And Phil, whom I just met at the rehearsal, is her wonderful husband. Their story, how they met, and their interaction is full of laughter and love. Honest love.

They had a gorgeous wedding! And that laughter that fills their relationship filled their Big Day and translated to every person at the wedding, which was, by the way, the biggest wedding ever! The church held about 250-ish people. I’m pretty sure they had around 400 attend the wedding, and even more came to reception. This is the type of couple they are.


People just wanted to be with them and celebrate this wonderful marriage together. It was overwhelmingly amazing!

Congratulations, Phil and Alyssa! We’re all so happy for you, and we pray that your love will make, not only your relationship better, but also anyone’s who is lucky enough to be a part of your life. We love you!

P.S. Despite the rain (which everyone was super laid back about), there were so many great shots that I had a very hard time narrowing it down for this post. In fact, this might be my longest post EVER.

Phil and Alyssa were the first of my couples to opt for the First Look: a special time, with just them and me, where they initially see each other before the wedding, all dressed and ready to take their vows. This also allowed us to take all photos before the wedding and keep the event moving along flawlessly after the ceremony. I recommend it to every couple!


3 thoughts on “Alyssa + Phil | Charter Oak Wedding

  1. SARAH! Thank you so much! The wedding looks beautiful! You are amazing! Brides in Virginia are very lucky to have you…but I’m even luckier!

  2. Excellent job I personally think the photo with all the brides maids and grooms men is by far the best photo but all in all an excellent job.

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