Sarah + Mitch | Des Moines Engagement

Happy Friday! It’s been so long since my last post. Know why? Because I’ve been traveling. A lot. Iowa and Cleveland. Yes, I like tropical vacations. (She said, sarcastically.) Actually, I just love my family, and both trips were for them.

The trip to Iowa included my cousin Sarah and her fiance, Mitch’s, engagement session. The weather was hot and humid, but these two were cool as could be (was that too cheesy?) Regardless of the weather, we had a blast! They’re naturals in front of the camera, despite their early warnings that they had no clue of what to do or how to pose. The photos say otherwise.

That’s all I have to describe them.

And interacting with them, one-on-one, made it all the more clear just how perfect these two are together. Conversation rolled. We hit it off (which might sound weird to say about your cousin, but I married into the family so we’re still getting to know each other!) Tyler, my hubby, was with us for the shoot, and it was really the first time he’d seen me in action. After we left, he commented on how great Mitch is, “If Mitch can put up with all the silly poses you made them do, he’s definitely a keeper.” It’s true. They were both fantastic to work with, completely trusting, and totally in love. Just look at how they look at each other!

Sarah, you’re as beautiful as ever, and I can’t wait to photograph you on your wedding day! Mitch, the camera loves you, too! And welcome to the family—you’re fitting right in.


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