Trip to Iowa

Tyler, Murphy, and I took an 18-hour trip to Iowa this last weekend. Why? To shoot our cousin Alyssa and Phil’s wedding, of course!

And despite locking our keys in the trunk of the car (note Murphy’s, “Seriously?” face while he sits in the front seat waiting for the tow truck to come), and despite getting a head-cold the day before our 2-day drive out west, it was a wonderful trip!

The family was great; the wedding was gorgeous, and I was almost 100% healthy by Saturday’s wedding. The only casualty I suffered was loosing my voice. Minor.

Not to mention I was also able to shoot our cousin Sarah and Mitch’s engagement session in Des Moines. Do I have a good looking family, or what?

It was great seeing everyone. Thank you all for helping the wedding run so smoothly, and a special shout-out to our dear friend Caitlin in Indy for watching Murphy all weekend. Murphy loves you so much, Caitlin! :-) Full posts of both photo shoots to come at a later date. Until then, enjoy these previews!


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