Lauren + Josh | Lexington Wedding

I’m not going to lie; I get nervous before every wedding. What will the weather be like? Will I get the shots I want? Will I work fast enough so I don’t hold things up? And, this is a big one when I second-shoot with Kevin Remington since I usually don’t meet the couple until the wedding: Will the couple, and especially the guys, be nice to me and cooperate when I ask them to strike a pose? I don’t know why I get nervous. Everything, up to this point, has run smoothly, and everyone has been fantastic. Lauren and Josh’s wedding was no exception!

The guys were wonderful to work with. Fun, engaging, coming up with ideas for different shots. You can tell a lot about people by their friends, and every one of the groomsmen was great, which means Josh must be one amazing guy. And Lauren: a sweet, beautiful, top-quality girl. Based on what I heard about them at the ceremony and saw with my own two eyes during the evening, they’re down-to-earth and all-American, with a lot of stories to tell and crazy experiences to share. They’re just the type of people anyone would be lucky to call “friends.” Congratulations, Lauren and Josh!

Can I just say how much I love this shot of Lauren’s mom watching the gorgeous bride walk toward the church? LOVE.

The couple chose Kevin Remington’s photo booth option. Have I mentioned what a big crowd pleaser it is? Seriously. People love it.


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