Caitlin + Tim | Sweet Briar Wedding!

Meet Caitlin and Tim. Two beautiful, animated, lively people. It was truly my honor to second-shoot this wedding with Kevin Remington. (Be sure to visit his website and view his amazing photos.) Although it was kind of hard to get anything but gorgeous shots. As Kevin said on our way to Sweet Briar: Caitlin and Tim should be featured in a J. Crew magazine.
I agree.

And do you know what makes their beauty even better? Their selflessness. I watched them both forget themselves at their wedding. I can’t stress that enough. Their focus was entirely on everyone they love.
Each other.
They put everyone before themselves. The sign of real love.

And with that, I’ll end my commentary. These photos simply speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Caitlin and Tim opted to go with Kevin’s Photo Booth, which is always a big crowd-pleaser. They even made props for their guests to use. TOO CUTE! Notice the Princess Beatrice hat. It stole the show yet again.


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