Lisa + Kris | Lexington Wedding!

As is becoming a most-wonderful weekend norm in my life, two weekends ago I second-shot again with Kevin Remington. It was a fantastic wedding to shoot, and I was honored to be a part of it.

First of all, Lisa and Kris are both beautiful people. And while that applies to the outside (Seriously, they’re stunning. Look at the photos), as I interacted with them, I also saw that same beauty on the inside. They’re full of warmth, love, tenderness, and compassion toward each other and everyone around them. You can just tell that these two are going to guard what they have tightly and continue to bring those they love into that warmth. Thank you both (and Kevin) for allowing me to be a part of your Big Day; it was a fantastically fun wedding, and every one of your guests loved every moment of it!

And for anyone interested, Kevin offers this pretty sweet photo package where he provides a Photo Booth at your wedding. As the second shooter, I manned (or should I say womanned ;-) the booth.
I think the photos speak for themselves, though there were many I simply couldn’t show. For … various reasons …


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