Sarah + James | Lexington Engagement

Meet Sarah and James. Two people who are totally chill and completely in love.

I met Sarah back in September when I started working at Mariner Media. She was one of the other designers there (and an amazing one, at that!), but she moved a few months ago to be closer to her man. And after seeing her and James together, there’s no question that was the best decision for her. James is soft-spoken, kind, and lighthearted. In fact, they both have a lightness about them that’s unexplainable, especially considering the engagement session was only one week before their wedding.

They’ve been engaged for just a few short months, and all they want is to be husband and wife. I love that! They’re keeping their perspective real through this wedding-planning time, and it showed in their engagement photos. That being said, just take a look at them; it’d be hard for anyone to take a bad photo of these two. They’re gorgeous!


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