Stephanie + Robert | VMI Wedding

I’m second shooting for 4-6 weddings this summer for Kevin Remington. Because of that I told myself that I was going to wait and post wedding blogs two at a time; combine photos, save some time, etc. Then I helped him on Saturday for Stephanie and Robert’s wedding. After shooting, I couldn’t wait to post; I knew the shots turned out wonderfully, and I couldn’t wait to share them with you all!

As is normal with second shooting for Kevin, I spent the majority of my time with the guys: mostly VMI grads, and hilarious around their Alma Mater’s campus. They were super chatty and goofy in front of the camera, and I learned from them that Robert and Stephanie were high school sweethearts. Robert is a super nice guy who truly loves Stephanie, and Stephanie is a gorgeous red-head, who loves to laugh and have fun as much as her husband does. You know it’s a good sign for a relationship when the groom says he almost started crying during the ceremony until he looked at his new bride, who was laughing pretty hard about something ridiculous. I love seeing couples so light-hearted and happy!


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