Maternity Shoot | Skalandis Family

IT’S BEEN 12 DAYS SINCE MY LAST POST!! I hate not posting for that long, but things have been nuts around here! Mostly because my hubby and I drove up to Michigan last week, and we stayed for quite some time. It was a fantastic trip; I ran the River Bank Run 25K (click to view my original post on the subject), which was wonderful! We saw the fam, went shopping, watched a Tulip Festival parade, and chilled with some friends. But, in all honesty, I think my favorite part of the trip was my photo shoot with my wonderful and amazing brother- and sister-in-law, Joe and Emily, and my new little niece or nephew.

They’ve been together forever (since high school, which is forever to me!) They laugh and joke together A LOT, and they’re sold out in love with each other. They’re going to make great parents. The nursery is ready and as adorable as ever, and Emily is, too! She’s just radiating excitement and life, and it was a joy to spend a few days with her and see this soon-to-be new mom in action. (And, honestly, from behind no one would ever know she’s pregnant. Doesn’t that make all women out there CRAZY?!?) I also observed Joe chill with our other two nephews – both under age 4 – and he’s just so great with those two little guys. Everyone can tell that he’s just excited as ever to become a dad. We’re all excited for him.

No one knows the sex of the baby. They’re doing this thing old-school. I commend them for that bravery, but it’s still driving me nuts. (Who doesn’t want to buy super-cute clothes for their little niece or nephew??) And the name is also TBD. We all find out in July, but until then we’re just so excited for the arrival of this new baby and the formation of a new family!

Love you, Joe and Emily! We’re so happy for you, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a special time in your family’s life!


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