Franks for the Memories

Hello, Friends! I have some exciting news to share with you all! I recently started working with Karin (at my design job with Mariner Media, Inc.). Karin and her daughter Katie own a little restaurant right next to my office in Buena Vista.

The place is Franks.
Franks for the Memories.
(Clever, right?)

Anyway, I ate there once or twice last summer, since it’s a seasonal place with hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken salad, and so very much more; and I fell in love! The food is fantastic, and the prices are just in my budget, which means you’re getting a big bang for a little buck! This year, however, I was hearing rumors that Franks wouldn’t be opening again. There was talk, for various reason, but Karin just loves Franks, and I watched her tear up at the thought of selling or closing the place. And Karin doesn’t tear up. She laughs. A lot. And I admire her for it; she’s quite the woman, and I’m honored to know and work with her. And I’m also thankful that she and Katie have worked out a way to re-open Franks!

Watch for it.
Franks is coming back.


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