Wildcats, High School, and Danny Zuko

I ran track in high school. So photographing the Rockbridge County High School track meet (Go Wildcats!) should bring back all those fond memories of bonding with my classmates, terrible tan lines, and sprinting the 100 meter dash in the 4×100 relay (thereby setting a new school record while leaving a few girls in the dust … not to brag or anything. Seriously. I wasn’t that good. It was really my teammates who did the work.) But it didn’t. As I watched students warm up around the track, jog back and forth, and show off for their crush, all I could think about was Danny Zuko, John Travolta’s musically-inclined, high-school-age, bad-boy, alter ego, who lettered in track in the movie Greese.

You know the scene.
Danny is jogging, sees his sweetheart Sandy in the bleachers, speeds up to jump some hurdles and show off, but trips over a hurdle instead.
Sandy-1. Danny-0.

I saw it in my mind about a dozen times last week. And now you’ll probably see it as you look through the shots from that day. Sorry.


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