Bridal Bootcamp with PushPull Fitness Consultants

Welcome! It’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted, and for that I apologize! All I can say is YAY for having 100 days left on my Apple Care Protection plan. PHEW!

But that’s not why I’m posting today. I am posting because I have some SUPER-EXCITING NEWS!
No, I’m not pregnant.
MY news starts back in June 2010 when my dear friend Caitlin brought me together with one of her fantastic sisters Carrie. Carrie Carducci is a personal trainer in Columbus — only one of the top trainers in Columbus and owner of PushPull Fitness Consultants — but who’s bragging? In June, I was running low on energy, steam, and excitement for my workouts, so Carrie made me two personalized workouts, each 6-weeks long, and each wonderful. She took into account the fact that I HATE doing anything “up-down-up-down,” and she tweaked it so I could build strength where I wanted to, tone what I needed to, and use the equipment I had at hand. I fell in love with her workout style!

But that’s still not the point.

The point of my ramblings is that, in exchange for these fantastic workouts that Carrie made for me, I agreed to photograph her for a really interesting and exciting idea she had.
An idea to create workout cards.
Like baseball cards.
But for women preparing for their wedding day.
A Bridal Bootcamp.
The cards are color-coded. Orange for warm-ups, yellow for core training, blue for upper-body strengthening, etc. She includes a bunch of pre-designed workouts, where you choose 3 oranges, 6 yellows, 2 blue, etc., depending on what YOU want to work out! On the back, she writes out directions to help follow the photos for each move, and she provides helpful tips along the way. I tried my first workout from this deck of cards 2 days ago – the “Svelte Arm Workout” – and I’m still feeling the burn!

I was so excited about this idea that I couldn’t stop at photographing her for it. I had to design it too, and I was so pleased that she decided to entrust this dream of hers to me. I had the honor of making it real.

Here are my final thoughts on the matter, then I’ll let you all go about your days. BUY THESE CARDS. With more than 60 cards in the deck and 30 pre-designed workouts, This will be the BEST $20 you’ll ever spend on a workout! You can take the cards with you when you travel, head to the gym, or are working out in your basement. They’re perfect for making you look and feel your best for your wedding day.

Check back in the fall. After all, after the wedding comes the baby, right, Carrie?!? ;-) Workouts for any of you ladies blessed with a baby-bump will be available later this year. And, fellow runners, keep checking back as well. We’ll have cards just for you in the future, too.

Click here to purchase your own set of Bridal Bootcamp Cards!


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