Liz + Henrik: ENGAGED!

Liz is from America. Henrik is from Sweden. They met in Washington D.C., but they also have lives in Dubai. HOLY COW!! Talk about God bringing two worlds — and world travelers — together! And these two are perfect together! Liz is quite the social butterfly. The talker. The beauty. Henrik is the strong, silent type (though I have a feeling he isn’t silent around Liz at all!) And both have the brains to keep the conversation flowing.

They look perfect together. They are perfect together. They love each other and want the whole world to know it, which is what made our time together priceless. The camera captured their story, though even without a camera present, I’m pretty sure anyone watching these two can see just how much they really love each other.

And as an added bonus (and a little personal experiment), I tried my hand at a stop motion video commemorating the pure quality that Liz and Henrik share. Enjoy!
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2 thoughts on “Liz + Henrik: ENGAGED!

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