Ryan + Ben

I’m not sure if you all remember, but waaaaay back in December, I mentioned second shooting with local photographer Kevin Remington. Well, I got the photos from that wedding a few weeks ago, so it’s time to post a few!

I had never met Ryan or Ben until the wedding day (behold the nature of second-shooting), but I honestly wish I had!! These two were amazing! Loving toward each other, their friends and family, beautiful on the inside and out, and total goof balls. I love goofy people. And, again, since I wasn’t the main photographer for this wedding, I only had two tasks: photograph the guys — getting ready, group shots, the groom, and them just chilling before the wedding — and help shoot the ceremony. Pretty simple. And definitely fun! The guys were good sports with all the poses I asked them to try out, and they stayed outside in the cold for everything we needed without a single word of complaint. Now that’s classy.

After the wedding, I was supposed to help shoot the wedding party outside in our beautiful, historic town, but alas, the sun decided the day was over and the chill of winter took over everyone’s thoughts. We tried snapping a few shots, but it simply wasn’t working. Everyone was ready to warm up and party at the reception. Kevin did end up taking the couple out around town later in the week, and the shots he got are gorgeous! Even after just a few days, marriage definitely agreed with Ben and Ryan.


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