We Have the Winners! Because I am …

The Rockbridge Area Prevention Coalition is a fantastic organization here in Rockbridge County with amazing workers who go into schools to help students stay drug-free. (Click Here to check out there Facebook page!) It’s a pretty good cause, if you ask me. They recently held an essay competition called “Because I am …” for the local high school seniors to show off all the sweet goals they have and can one day reach because they’re drug-free. “Because I am drug free, I can follow my dreams.” The winners won a photo shoot with a professional photographer (ahem!) to be the Rockbridge County Poster Children for drug-free youth and a surprise college scholarship.

There were two awesome winners. Yoshi and Kaitlyn. They are amazing, competent, driven, happy, fun, fantastic people, and it was my honor to meet them and spend a few minutes photographing them. I don’t want to say too much about the winners because I want you to read their essays (keep checking the RAPC Facebook page to find out when and where the essays will be posted.

Meet Yoshi. This guy has led one amazing life. He’s overcome a lot, and with the help of his family and faith, he’s following his dream of being an artist. He’s waiting to hear back from the colleges he applied to, but with the talent and personality that are a part of this young man, I know he’ll be successful. Be sure to check out his “Yoshi,” created for (hopefully) obvious reasons. Congratulations, Yoshi!

And meet Kaitlyn. This girl was totally kickin’ it in front of the camera! She could be a model if she wanted to. It’s all in the eyes. Kaitlyn is head-over-heels in love with her family, and I had the honor getting a few shots with her nieces, nephews, and cousins (good kids!) before heading to the science lab where this girl blew me away! She’s on her way to college to be a respiratory therapist, and she’s got the brains and the will to do it, let me tell ya. If I ever get sick (in about 4 years), I’ll be looking her up. I wish you nothing but the best, Kaitlyn!

Thanks to Jessie Bjerk at the Rockbridge Area Prevention Coalition for totally hooking me up as the photographer for these two fabulous winners. It was my honor, and I hope we get to work together again.

Because I am drug-free, I can totally rock it behind a camera for a great cause!


One thought on “We Have the Winners! Because I am …

  1. I just read your article about my son, Alyosha Dean, in our local newspapers. Great photos and story. One correction – he is a senior at Parry McCluer High School (PMHS) NOT RCHS.

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