Cue the deer!

Welcome to our home! We’re officially unpacked, and everything now works as it should (we have fantastic landlords).

Besides the front porch and its perfect little porch swing, I think our favorite part might be the bird feeder out back. Tyler put seed in it out first night here, and that morning we watched all sorts of nuthatches, chickadees, cardinals, and sparrows. It’s beautiful. But we’re also drawing in quite a few other wildlife! This pretty little doe wandered into the yard as if on cue (has anyone seen Chevy Chase’s Funny Farm? “Cue the deer!” It was JUST LIKE THAT!) And later that evening and this morning, we saw her roaming around with two other friends in the front yard. I think she likes having her picture taken.

And, of course, Murphy has enjoyed having a bit more space to wander. He’s much more relaxed in this house … though I think the fact that we can hook him up outside where he can sniff out Bambi and his sister wears him out too. All in all, the craziness of last week was totally worth it.

OH! Speaking of Bambi! I’m officially Twitterpated! That’s right- I joined up with Twitter and thought you all should know, in case you want to keep up with random photo shoots, sweet tips I’m learning, and anything else I might think is worth sending out to my followers! Pretty Tweet, huh? ;-) Anyway, my name is sbrown_photo. Click here to go directly to my page and follow me!


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